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Renovation Before and After Photos - Life of Kai 

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01-25-2024 02:58 PM

We have platforms in our play yards and many of the dogs love them. I completely appreciate the ramps - we have dogs who are terrified of using stairs and need training to tolerate them in case they are aspects of the household they go to. 

I've never seen a dog go down a slide - that seems very brave of them : )

Kudos for you all for pulling this off! It's an amazing accomplishment. 

01-25-2024 08:00 AM

Hi @Eudora Watson,  we notice that dogs like to be in places off the ground, like a platform or a landing so we build these above the ground and need a way for them to get up. They can jump, and they can use steps, or ramps to get to the high platform or landing. Some dogs use the slide to get back to the ground, just something different from jumping, using steps or ramps. Some dogs don't like steps. The ramps are the favorite. The equipment provides enrichment and confidence.

01-23-2024 06:30 PM

These areas sure look fun! Probably great for staff morale and for exposing dogs to different surfaces. Could you tell me the idea behind the slide and the ramps?

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