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Chat File and Resources from Shelter and Rescue Support Call - Monday, 2/14/22 - My Dog Is My Home, Dogs Playing For Life 

02-14-2022 02:33 PM




Session One: My Dog Is My Home (MDIMH) is a nonprofit in the U.S. dedicated to preserving the human-animal bond, specifically through increasing access to shelter and housing for people experiencing homelessness with their companion animals.  MDIMH’s second annual Co-Sheltering Conference, to be held virtually on March 1-3, 2022, will provide a learning and community-building space for animal welfare organizations, homeless services providers, government administrators, and academics committed to co-sheltering.  @Sarah Hernandez, MDIMH’s Communications Fellow, will discuss the organization’s mission and the upcoming conference, themed "Stronger Together: Building Allyship Between Movements.”

@Sarah Hernandez, Communications Fellow, My Dog is My Home


MDIMH Collaborative

MDIMH Conference March 1-3
Register here:


Session Two: Join Dogs Playing For Life (DPFL) CEO/Founder @Aimee Sadler to share what they learned in their practical application of the science around behavior evaluations. They moved away from battery tests quite some time ago, opting to observe and record behavior via checkpoint systems throughout a dog's stay in the shelter (the Longmont Humane Society). Their lifesaving increased and length of stay decreased as they learned to work "smarter" while prioritizing quality of life for the dogs and their caretakers!

@Aimee Sadler, CEO/Founder, Dogs Playing for Life

Longmont Humane Society

Saving normal: A new look at behavioral incompatibilities and dog relinquishment to shelters

@Elise Winn: For those of you wanting to review best practices and innovation in the behavior/training/enrichment space and level up your shelter's approach, apply by Feb. 18 for the Maddie's Million Pet Challenge Behavior/Training/Enrichment Bootcamp led by Dr. @Cindi Delany:

The Bootcamp STARTS on Feb. 28.


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