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Mimosas & Muffins Pop up Kitty Cafe flyer - Watching Over Whiskers 

02-01-2023 07:01 AM

I love cat cafes but I see a lot of them done not so well or to code standards for the cats or humans so eventually that is going to kill the cafe.  Our rescue is foster home based but we have a headquarters with some rooms and a small event space that can seat 70ish attendees for events so we do about 8 pop up cat cafes a year that are themed. Brews and Mews (microbeer), Cocoa, Cookies and Kitties, Mimosa's and Muffins, etc.  We keep the food and drinks in the hallway - all beverages have lids and no food in the 5 rooms - they eat first, then head in to socialize. We do put kennels with kittens and foster kitties in the event room with a ball pit, towers, blankets on the floor, camping chairs, etc to allow some play in there but don't let any of these kitties out to truly play until most everyone has eaten and the tables are bussed.  People love it. We charge $20 - $40 depending on what is included in the two hour pop up cafe and sometimes we have shifts where we do the same event back to back so we clean and let the next group of attendees in. We keep the pop up cafe to about 40 attendees each time/shift. We usually sell out and the community loves it. It gives us a chance to raise $$ and awareness and sometimes leads to adoptions so it's a win-win. We have NO furniture in the event room that can't be sterilized or items that can't be thrown in the laundry. All of the cats present are healthy and fully vetted. We have two the end of February and will have the events posted, then the albums uploaded if anyone is interested -happy to share! I will upload one of the event flyers for March here if it will let me.  We are Watching Over Whiskers on Facebook and wowhiskers on instagram.  Thanks for sharing on this topic and everyone pitching in thoughtful info!

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02-02-2023 06:40 AM

We partner with a cat cafe that opened five minutes from our shelter, Smitten Kitten Cat Cafe. We partnered throughout the entire process from its inception, and therefore were able to think through all logistics thoroughly with the owner. Since it  opened last week, we've already had four cats adopted. The cafe can house up to 15 cats at a time at the cafe and patrons have opportunities to donate to the shelter through their POS and reservation system, so there is also revenue for the shelter in addition to adoptions.

The best part is that we are able to make more room at our shelter, and it has allowed us to rescue more cats from surrounding shelters who are at risk for euthanasia and don't get the exposure they do here or at the cafe. 

Check out the cafe:

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