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Volunteer Apron Guide, Bone ID Chart for Dog Handling Tiers & Volunteer Training Presentation (3) - San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA) 

01-20-2023 11:11 AM

Three attachments:  San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA)'s Volunteer Apron Guide, Bone Identification Chart and Volunteer Training Presentation

Our team recently implemented this with all of our on-site dogs. We have 4 tiers, level 1-3 and then staff only dogs. All of our volunteers have the option to take a dog handling class and complete a subsequent "paws-on" training to be cleared for level 1. Our on-staff Behavior Specialist teaches the class and also conducts the hands-on portion. If volunteers wish to have further training to gain level 2 and 3, they reach out and set up a time to go over the handling the specific attributes that classify those dogs as L2 and L3. 

Our training walks through everything from reading the behavior of dog, proper leash holding, what to do in a dog fight, etc. 

Each kennel is marked with a colored bone, and volunteers have corresponding marks on their name tags so that everyone knows who can walk who. One of the biggest things we see is that even if volunteers attend that class, they usually need guidance in removing dogs from their kennels and getting them to listen while outside. Having the hands-on session with our trainer has helped give them confidence and support during their first time. 


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01-27-2023 05:49 AM

This is awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Cheyanne!! I am going to shamelessly use this in our facility!!! This is amazing!! Thank you again Cheyanne and your team!!

01-23-2023 08:40 AM

This is a wonderful Idea.  I would love to implement it.  Could you provide me the training information for this program so that I can share it with my Volutneer Coordinator and Orientation Specialist?

Thanks for sharing!