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Book Recommendation: "An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us" - Ed Yong, Author 

12-27-2022 05:20 AM

Ed Yong, Author Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us
Buy it used, buy the audio and share it at work, hear or read it at least once.

This isn't a review. The part of this book that describes how quickly parasites, like hookworms, seek
and attach themselves to a host stopped me from doing anything but listening to this book.

I moved into a rental surrounded by stray cats that were not being cared for, the reasons included 
everything from a bad landlord to a highway location with toxic water and nitrates.

Predators of all kinds have stalked them. I've documented the tracks they left year round. Although 
the house cameras are good, I needed a trail camera for the coyote.

What started as a Colony of dozens became just My Last Feral, alone, scared, sickly  and without family.

Earlier this year I lost his sister, a sickly Manx, full of love and energy. I brought her inside
many times and finally kept her inside.  Little by little she had more vet care.   The care I valued most 
was the testing I asked my Vet for and received from IDEXX:
RealPCR Panels allow you to screen for and accurately identify multiple infectious
causes of diarrhea from only a single fecal specimen

I asked for this panel because I found a list of tests Fosters might get and how to order them.
It's available online as a .pdf from a Los Angeles based Animal Rescue.  I'm 
publishing this because, even if one more cat is saved by understanding their environment,
I think Lola would be happy.  She loved to be with her family but they rejected her
because of her chronic diarrhea. Her hookworms and clostridium were treated,
but her problems as a Manx remained chronic.

Immense World for me is a study of what a Cat's adversarial living conditions are
in an outside environment. He explains how other animals they share the world with use their
senses to survive. When I listened to the part about the parasites I believe I
missed something that might have helped the cats. 

Appropriate for this forum or not I'm adding a link to this book.  I only paid $3 and used a free audio trial
credit.  It helped me understand the world of outdoor cats better and generated ideas for indoor play.


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