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Shelter & Rescue Support Call - Monday, 9/13/21 - Neighborhood Pets, Culture of Philanthropy 

09-14-2021 11:30 AM


  • Welcome – Bobby Mann
  • Mary's Motivation – Tune in to tomorrow’s Candid Conversation with animal welfare attorney, Akisha Townsend Eaton; HASS Fundraising webinar and toolkit; CBS News 60 Minutes story on 9/11 firefighters: what makes people want to lean in when others back up? What makes people face life-threatening situations?  Everyone here on this call is showing each other is that there is a better way to do the work we do – that we can’t just focus on the animals, but also on the people who care for the animals.  If you are feeling like you are overwhelmed, please reach out to Mary at
  • Becca Britton, Executive Director, Neighborhood Pets– their mission and the work they are doing to support people and pets. Motto: “Take Care of Each Other”
  • Brian Daugherty, Senior Vice President and Chief Philanthropy & Communications Officer, San Diego Humane Society; Stephanie Sullens, Chief Development Officer, KC Pet Project, Tami Gosheff, Corporate and Donor Engagement Manager, Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS) - Culture of Philanthropy and how every staff member plays a par 

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