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Shelter & Rescue Support Call - Monday, 4/26/21 - Partnerships with Domestic Violence Shelters, Home to Home Rehoming Data, & Targeted RTF/RTH 

06-15-2021 09:55 AM

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  • Welcome - Bobby Mann, Director of Human Animal Support Services
  • Mary’s Motivation Monday  Happy Birthday, Maddie!  
    • Join us on April 27 with Ariel Zhang from The Animal Foundation for a Candid Conversation about immigration and animal welfare.  
    • Motivating speeches from the Oscar Awards ceremony (Chloe Zhao and Tyler Perry – links below).
  • Devon Krusko Field Services & Outreach Coordinator, RedRover – Domestic Violence
  • Mandy Evans, Better Together Animal Alliance, and Home to Home - Rehoming data
  • Brittany Sundell, Development Coordinator, West Valley Humane Society (ID) - Targeted Return to Field/Home with datadrones and high school volunteers
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Resources referenced in today’s call 

Association for Animal Welfare Advancement 

 Best Friends National Conference 

 Better Together Animal Alliance 

 Home to Home 

 Happy birthday, Maddie!  

HASS toolkits 

HASS Self-supported Rehoming Toolkit 

 HASS Rehoming Technology at a glance 

 Humane Canada's Violence Link Conference Call for Abstracts - open until May 3, 2021 

 The Oscar Awards Ceremony (4/25/21) 


HASS webinar with Devon Krusko on domestic violence 

West Valley Humane SocietyIdaho 


The Best Practice Playbook for Animal Shelters by Dr. Sara Pizano 

 The Best Practice Playbook for Animal Shelters Kindle Edition 

 The Best Practice Playbook for Animal Shelters - Apple Books 

 Best Friends National Conference 

Community Cats Podcast - Saturday May 1 at 2pm Trapper Training Certification workshop.  We are partnering with Humane Rescue Alliance and CARE to encourage community members to learn how to properly care for cats in the community. 

How animal shelters can support survivors of domestic violence – article by Colleen Parker and Danielle Emery of Urban Resource Institute People and Animals Living Safely (URI PALS) 

Maddie’s® Candid Conversation with Ariel Zhang 
Thursday, April 27 at 12pm PST /3pm EST 


Maddie’s University webcast with Mandy Evans and her twin sister Melanie Sadek, Tuesday, May 4 - Is it time to hit the brand refresh buttonRegister: 

People Are Animals, Too - podcast with Mandy Evans and Brittany Sundell 


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