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Writing Pet Bios + Using a Positive Marketing Approach - HeARTs Speak 

02-02-2022 12:56 PM

While we busily work to find homes for animals in our care, how can we also connect with community members who have never even considered adoption? How can we break down barriers, fight back against stereotypes, and promote all of our services more effectively? This workshop focuses on the easy-to-implement (and often fun!) ways to reach new audiences —all while contributing towards lifesaving goals, promoting adoptions and even taking into account big picture strategy.

Topics covered will include
* How to use photo + video to maximize impact
* The importance of transparency and honesty in communications
* Strategies and activities to break through bio-writing boredom
* Avoiding the trap of stereotyping and proactively fighting misinformation
* Tips for using creativity + fun to uncover community connections
* The role of stories in creating connections

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