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  • 1.  Google docs foster guide

    Posted 07-12-2023 09:07 AM

    I am curious if anyone has made a foster vaccine, deworming, etc chart to have fosters families & the shelter/rescue staff monitor to keep track of the animals time with their foster?

    Maybe even have kitten guides on bother feeding, or crate training for dog families. 

    It was a suggestion at a convention & I've searched here to see if anyone had one. Don't want to recreate the wheel if it's already started with someone. We'd love to automate texts or emails as well but that's asking a lot. 

    Our shelter uses petpoint but I've been watching videos that aren't too user friendly for new staff. I also have the option if the Maddie's foster app but tend to have fosters that don't use it. Maybe we just need training. 

    I'm the only foster coordinator. I have roughly 30 families. I'll have towards 100 kittens in foster & keep paper charts & text them all in my personal cell because that's what works for them. A great group of people for sure!


    Michele B
    Hawk Creek Animal Shelter
    Volunteer/Foster/ Event Coordinator
    Willmar MN 56201