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Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup Call - 1/21/22 - Lost and Found Dashboard, Good Home Program and the Community Cat Pyramid

  • 1.  Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup Call - 1/21/22 - Lost and Found Dashboard, Good Home Program and the Community Cat Pyramid

    Posted 01-20-2022 03:42 PM

    Updated 1/21/22 at 2:30pm - Recording Now Available! Watch below.



    Sharing the agenda for the  Maddie's  Friday Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup (LINK TO REGISTER)



    Topic One: Tom Kremer, Lead Data Analyst, Human Animal Support Services (HASS) will provide us a quick overview of a Lost and Found dashboard created for a HASS Pilot Shelters.  The dashboards are created using data submitted from a shelter's monthly collection of intakes, outcomes, monthly roster, and tracking of best practices recommendations from the HASS data team. 


    Topic Two: @kimberly spina, Foster Program Manager, will be discussing Good Home, a newly launched program of Greater Good Charities. This program connects qualified pet foster volunteers with animal shelters across the U.S. and also provides in-kind grants of animal care supplies, training, and resources for shelter partners on recruitment and retention of foster volunteers, and best practices for pets in care through adoption. They believe no pet should wait for an adopter in an animal shelter when it could wait in a Good Home.


    Topic Three: @Stacy LeBaron, Headcat, Founder at Community Cats Podcast will be sharing about the Community Cat Pyramid and how to create successful community sourced programs. She will also be discussing her work at Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society, along with other programs she is involved in AND will be talking to us about all things related to The Community Cat Podcast.

    Message from Maddie's Fund:

    How would you like to hang out with your fellow colleagues for an hour each week AND be eligible to win a giveaway from Maddie's Fund?!


    Starting in January, that is exactly what Maddie's Fund will be doing on the Monday Shelter and Rescue Support call and the Friday Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup call. We've heard that these calls have been invaluable to so many of you. And, now, they are going to get even better!


    If you're not already registered for the calls, please do so now. And if you are registered, please extend your calendar entries through 2022.


    - Shelter and Rescue Support call on Mondays starting 1/10/22, 8am PT/11am ET
    This call is primarily for shelter workers, volunteers and rescue organizations
    Monday Registration

    - Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup call on Fridays starting 1/7/22, 8am PT/11am ET
    This call is primarily for executive directors and animal welfare leaders
    Friday Registration

    Thank you!

    Quick Reminder: You can also watch previous recordings and continue the conversation at Maddie's Pet Forum!  

    Bobby Mann
    Maddie's® Human Animal Support Services Pilot Director

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  • 2.  RE: Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup Call - 1/21/22 - Lost and Found Dashboard, Good Home Program and the Community Cat Pyramid

    Posted 01-21-2022 02:50 PM
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    Thanks to the 238 attendees who joined us live this morning.  The recording is now available to watch on demand. You can find a copy of the agenda, resources and chat attached here. 


    • Don't forget: Maddie's Fund Monthly Monday and Friday Calls Give-aways! Enter the contest here for a chance to win money!

    • Welcome – Kristen Hassen, American Pets Alive!

    • QOTD: What show are you binge watching this winter?
    (See the answers in the chat session below)

    • Do you have ideas for future meeting topics? Care to be a host on one of our calls? Use this form or email Bobby 

    • Mary's Motivation
      - Watch Maddie's Candid Conversation with James and Jennifer Evans of CARE
      - My Dog is My Home conference - register today!
      - Amended American History webcast with the CARE team! Feb 17 - sign up here
      - Did anyone use the wonderful events on Monday (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Betty White's Challenge) to establish new connections in your communities?
      - Amanda Gorman's opinion piece in the NY Times, Why I Almost Didn't Read My Poem at the Inauguration
    "Maybe being brave enough doesn't mean lessening my fear, but listening to it. I closed my eyes in bed and let myself utter all the leviathans that scared me, both monstrous and minuscule. What stood out most of all was the worry that I'd spend the rest of my life wondering what this poem could have achieved. There was only one way to find out…. I'm a firm believer that often terror is trying to tell us of a force far greater than despair. In this way, I look at fear not as cowardice but as a call forward, a summons to fight for what we hold dear. …The only thing we have to fear is having no fear itself - having no feeling on behalf of whom and what we've lost, whom and what we love."
      - Friday thought: "When I set aside my reactive first thought, I make room for a new, potentially life-changing idea." 🌟

    National updates / shared links

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    • Dogs Playing for Life events
      - Level II Mentorship hosted at their Canine Center Florida (2 spots left!) 1/31 - 2/3:
      - February 18th @ noon EST Fancy Footwork: Practical Handling and Training Solutions for the Entire Shelter
      - Aimee with DPFL and My Dog is My Home will be on the 2/14 Maddie's Monday call

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    Session Links & Contacts

    Topic One: Lost and Found dashboard created for a HASS Pilot Shelters
    Stacy LeBaron: The Community Cats Podcast (CCP) did a presentation on how to use google data studio to create your own dashboard. Email if you want to see the presentation:
    CCP Dashboard if you want to see another version:

    Topic Two: Kimberly Spina, Foster Program Manager, Good Home
    Learn more about Greater Good Charities!

    Topic Three: Stacy LeBaron, Headcat, Founder at Community Cats Podcast
    Julie Levy - More guidance on how to decide which cats to TNR and which to take into shelters, check out the Million Cat Challenge's The Cat Superhighway: Creating a Roadmap for #allthecats:
    HSUS - Just a note that we have a Cats Track at Animal Care Expo this April in Orlando:

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund