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  • Hi Nicole, Thanks for your question! I'm glad you asked. You're more than welcome to modify your Return to Home plans for the Challenge based on changing needs, assessments, etc. As long as you're implementing or expanding upon a Return to Home practice, you're fine to deviate from the application. You're not obligated to incorporate your initial ideas at a later time. We appreciate your openness and staying in the spirit of the Challenge! -Irene

  • Disclaimer, I am new to the shelter world and working with animals. I have been taking courses in Maddie's University and the Kitten Lady. I have been learning so much. After submitting my application I realized I may have a better approach to engaging my community. My question is.Will the community see my incentives as genuine since they are associated with this challenge? Should I be finding a way to incorporate them at other times of the year? I want to keep my relation authentic and genuine read more

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    Awesome - glad you found it! If you need anything else, please give us a call at 925-310-5450 or email us at Best, Amber ------------------------------ Amber Eby Maddie's Fund ------------------------------

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    Thanks Amber! I was looking for the Explore Grant Opportunities but didn't see it. I was on my older Chromebook though so that may be why. I tried it on my desktop this morning and found it. Thanks again for your reply! Jamie ------------------------------ Jamie Camburn Operations Manager Lenawee Humane Society ------------------------------

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    Hi Jamie, Thank you for your interest in the Return to Home Challenge. When you log into the grants portal, you will land on the Grantee Dashboard. At the top of the page, you will see three tabs. Click on the "Explore Grant Opportunities" tab. You will then be taken to a page that describes the Return to Home Challenge. Click on the Return to Home link (this should be in blue, underlined font). The next page will have more details about the Challenge. After you review those details, scroll all read more

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