2024 Open Arms Challenge

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The all-inclusive 2024 Open Arms Challenge has concluded! For the entire month of April 2024, animal shelters, foster-based organizations and public charities were encouraged to create a new program or expand an existing one focused on keeping pets and people together.It was all about opening our hearts and minds to more accessible and inclusive practices, helping to keep pets with their people through Return to Home and Foster programs and so much more. Stay tuned as we share the grant winners during summer 2024. There's $500,000 up for grabs!

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  • So so happy for you guys! ------------------------------ Makenna Travis Shelter Manager Animal Welfare Friends IA ------------------------------ See More

  • Thank you so much for sharing, Karen! We love to hear how efforts started during the Challenges can lead to long term benefits for the organizations involved. Loved the photos and the news coverage, too! ------------------------------ Amber Eby Grants Specialist Maddie's Fund -------------------- ... See More

  • This is so great! Congratulations! I love how the news station covered it, and your FB photos are precious. Bravo! ------------------------------ Rita Ortiz Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter ------------------------------ See More

  • This is absolutely amazing and happy to hear this. Exciting news! ------------------------------ Laura Coan Volunteer Novastar Rescue AR ------------------------------ See More

  • I wanted to hop on here quickly and let everyone know that Chewy donated a semi-truckload of pet beds to us to be distributed to the entire population (no restrictions). We are a small rural town and this was a blessing to say the least. It has been a very exciting 7 days. (We only got notice of ... See More

  • Hi all, Congrats to everyone who has been working so hard on their Challenge. We LOVED this opportunity to really think about our policies, procedures and community. It was a catalyst for us in so many ways. We fund emergency veterinary care for pet families that face financial hardship (for whatever ... See More

  • Hi Everyone, I haven't posted as much as I had planned to but have been keeping up with the discussion and I wanted to say that I been motivated and in awe of everyone here, and enjoyed reading about all the great projects and programs in the April Challenge. You all are amazing!!! I wanted to thank ... See More

  • Sounds like you guys did great. ------------------------------ Laura Coan Volunteer Novastar Rescue AR ------------------------------ See More

  • Hi All, I've been quietly reading everyone's posts during this challenge and have been blown away by the amazing work everyone has been doing! I am with Misfit Feline's Rescue in Wisconsin. We're a small foster-only based feline rescue. For this challenge, we focused on improving customer success ... See More

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