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  • The final resource drive for 2022 is all about Holiday Promotions! Show & tell us about Fall/Winter Holiday Promotions you are planning to do, have done in the past, or have seen others do well! With the Fall season in full swing and Winter right around the corner, it's time to start thinking ... See More

  • Afternoon Kim, Thank you so much for the suggestions! I have been looking at the forum resource library. I will take a look at the two folders suggested! It is very much appreciated :) ------------------------------ Megan Stalb Adoption Manager Queen Anne's County Animal Services ---------------- ... See More

  • Casey, did you ever find a way to track this? I'd love to see your results! We recently rolled out a daily enrichment program, but don't have a great way to track and see what is working. Thanks! ------------------------------ Kendall Sypult Program Director/Behavior HAWS ------------------------- ... See More

  • This is just one of the links we frequently use. When I can find the others, I'll post those here too. ------------------------------ Kim White Shelter Manager Save Our Cats and ... See More

  • Managing our mental health Compassion fatigue and burnout are common within the animal welfare industry, and both are conditions that staff can learn to manage to ensure they are taking care of themselves. The Best Friends Network team has recently highlighted this topic to share ways ... See More

  • We do/have done quite a few feline adoption promotions. Most are for all cats & kittens, but our Halloween-themed one, "Pumpkin Spice and Black as Night" is for cats/kittens with any black or orange in their fur (so pretty much every cat except greys and whites). Our others are "Feline Fall Frenzy," ... See More

  • Check out this link, but also click on all the referenced links within the article. ------------------------------ Dylan Moore ------------------------------ See More

  • Just to make sure you see my reply at least check out this link, but also click on all the referenced links within the article. ------------------------------ Dylan Moore ------------------------------ See More

  • Megan, Congrats on your new position! Not sure if you've checked our forum resource library yet but there may be some helpful documents shared by others in these folders: Foster folder Volunteer Program Materials folder We also have separate folders in the library for foster manuals if ... See More

  • Deb, Welcome to the forum. I have always wanted to visit Hawaii. This is a great space to share and receive very helpful information. I hope that you enjoy it here. I look forward to the wonderful things that you will contribute to the forum. ------------------------------ Marissa Reid Assistant ... See More

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