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  • Hi Beth - Welcome to the forum. I'm so inspired and impressed by your work. When I worked for The Humane Society of the United States, pet-friendly rental policies and dog parks were two of my issues. Since retiring, I've moved to a a small town in western Colorado. I would be interested in your expertise regarding our nature park, which has become a de facto off-leash dog area. Keep up the good work! ------------------------------ Nancy Peterson The National Kitten Coalition ---------------- read more

  • Greetings from Ohio in the US. 👋 im Beth. In 2016, I started a nonprofit called Wagtown to help communities become more authentically and responsibly dog friendly. The outcomes are better animal welfare, economic vitality, and so much more. With the largest primary research base amassed to date on dog friendliness, I am taking my designation as the #1 dog friendliness expert in the US and putting it to work. My journey has been focused exclusively on mission and all projects are created to donate read more

  • RE: Bonded pairs in dogs


    Would love to connect about this topic and happy to provide insight on your current assessment as it relates to my protocol! As we know from current research, there are so many barriers to collecting objective behavior data for onsite shelter pets. Collecting detailed in-home histories (foster, finder, former home) was a significant piece of my assessment process. We then moved to assessing dogs daily in kennel when cohoused, during feeding time, and during playgroups with additional (non-resident) read more

  • Thank you very much for sharing and continuing the conversation on pay inequity and burn out in animal welfare, I know we hear about both topics often but that just means there is still work to be done. ------------------------------ Auriana Brown Placement Manager LifeLine Animal Project Atlanta, GA 404-490-1427 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice and Pet Support Services Specialist ------------------------------

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    Do you know what YOUR biases are and how they affect your thoughts, behaviors and decisions? Last week's poll question was about Implicit Bias tests. The poll results are below: Of the 2,308 respondents, 460 have taken an implicit bias test. Have you? If you're not sure what an Implicit Bias test is, here is a definition from the Project Implicit website: What is implicit bias? Implicit bias is an automatic reaction we have towards other people. These attitudes and stereotypes can negatively read more

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