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  • Updated 9/18/23 at 1:53pm - Recording now available to watch on-demand We hope to see you on Monday, 9/18 at 11am PT for our next Community Conversations call for a presentation highlighting the National Foster Survey Results by @Audris Campbell , Founder & Principal at The Research ... See More

  • Thanks to everyone who participated and shared resources on last month's Humane Education Resource Drive post and library folder (with 28 resources and counting) ! This month's resource drive is focused on Disaster Preparedness & Response , another timely topic requested by forum ... See More

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    RE: What is or is not working about your dog kenne ...

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Our shelter is set up where our dog kennels are directly across from each other, 10 on each side. Each kennel does have a bottom barrier, however the large dogs can stand and see through the bars so they have access to the dog next to them ... See More

  • Hi Amber, So at LTBHS with training new people in the kennel attendant position, we typically have the newbie start by shadowing other attendants who have been here the longest and know the procedures best. Often we simply start with them cleaning the smaller, easier sections and then gradually teach ... See More

  • Thanks for the questions. I am going to tag in my co-presenter, @Kelly Duer , on this one. I think she can help answer your questions. ------------------------------ Audris Campbell Researcher The Research Gurus GA ------------------------------ See More

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    RE: Window Shoppers

    You are right, there are major economic uncertainties right now that likely play a part or be related to what you have going on. I was highlighting a part of decision-making psychology (my background is in psychology and behavioral neuroscience) that could affect the behaviors you see. I am not arguing ... See More

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    RE: Incentivizing Spay/Neuter

    Petfinder's new rules require all rescues and shelters to do adoptions only after the pets are spayed and neutered. I'm not sure if they've been successful in communicating that to pre-existing users... I believe you can send pets home with a neuter/spay certificate OR you can do foster-to-adopt in ... See More

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    RE: Incentivizing Spay/Neuter

    We always wish we were in your service area!! $775 is what a Sierra Vista/Bisbee vet just quoted us. It has become a weekly sport, to call and get timelines and quotes as the rates go up every month. I wish I was kidding... There is a recurring theme of great spay/neuter programs in the cities, and ... See More

  • Thank you, Ky. ------------------------------ Sincerely, Johanna Spielman Founder of Jamie Brianna's Legacy Fund ------------------------------ See More

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