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  • Sarah, I love your idea of Unicorn Foster, we sure need them. I am a trainer and I donate behavior services to fosters through different rescues. Before training, I used to volunteer for a shelter for years and did lots of short-term fosters. Wearing both hats allows me to really empathize with the ... See More

  • Such a challenge! The Unicorn Foster!! Our rescue has really been focusing on providing training for the dog as well as the fosters. We have reached out to local trainers, created a "training" team, focused some fund raising specifically for the training team, etc. This doesn't immediately help the need ... See More

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    What CRM do you use?

    Aloha fellow animal lovers, My nonprofit organization is very small but we are steadily growing. I feel that it is time to hire a CRM to help us manage our donors and contact lists so we are ready when it explodes and we get too busy to set it up. We have interviewed (initial calls) with DonorPerfect, ... See More

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    RE: Rescue

    It warms my heart to see so many people respond and made suggestions for your heartfelt situation. I adopted my dog 10 years ago from a high-kill shelter in Southern California so I get it. Thank you for saving so many dogs from the streets and euthanasia list. I like the idea of pulling back and working ... See More

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    RE: Food Donation Ideas

    We put bins at our local grocery stores. ------------------------------ Renee Milner Facebook page volunteer Animal shelter alliance of Rhea ------------------------------ See More

  • Having resources available to fosters for behaviorally challenged dogs also helps us. For example, we work with a professional dog trainer in our area and he provides one on one consultations for fosters. This really helps the fosters feel more confident in fostering the dog and providing the training ... See More

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    Food Donation Ideas

    Hi Everyone! The rescue I volunteer for is a foster-based, small rescue. We partner with Petsmart Charities and Petco Foundation, however because we are smaller and located in a rural area, we don't qualify for a lot of the grants they offer. Due to corporate changes, they are also not allowed to donate ... See More

  • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am so very appreciative of this wonderful forum and all the great things it provides. ------------------------------ Marissa Reid Assistant Practice Manager Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital ----------------- Access To Care Specialist Clinic ... See More

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    RE: Rural Vet Services

    Tara, I am sorry that you re experiencing this. Are there any vet schools that you may be able to reach out to for help near you? Have you posted any social media ads looking for help? Do you think that this particular vet prefers large animal or over shelter animals? Have you spoken to this vet ... See More

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