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  • 1.  Community Conversations - 1/30/23 - The State of Animal Sheltering 2022

    Posted 01-26-2023 10:19 AM
    Updated 1/30/23 at 2:50pm PT - Recording is now available to watch on-demand! 

    We hope to see you
    on Monday, January 30, 2023 at 11am PT for our next Community Conversations call. 

    We will be joined by Samantha Hill, Director of Data and Technology at Shelter Animals Count for an update on animal sheltering data in 2022.  Animal sheltering data is more important than ever as organizations experience capacity challenges. The Shelter Animals Count (SAC) team has analyzed complete 2022 data and will be sharing insights on intakes and outcomes compared to 2019, 2020, and 2021. Breakdowns for organization types and regions will also be shared in preparation for the release of SAC's full year report. Come and learn more about what SAC has planned for animal sheltering data in 2023!

    Register here for our Monday Community Conversations Calls:

    If you are unable to make it live on Monday, this thread will be updated with the recording and resources so you can watch and share whenever you'd like. After you watch the recording or attend the call, be sure to complete this January entry form to enter to win up to a $10,000 grant:


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    Posted 01-30-2023 11:56 AM
    Today's forum with Shelter Animals Count was excellent! I can't wait until the slide deck is shared here so I can get it out to my team! Thanks, Lisa

    Lisa Pearce
    Charleston Animal Society
    North Charleston SC

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    Posted 01-30-2023 12:08 PM
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    Thank you for attending!

    Slides from today's presentation are attached
    Other links mentioned are below:

    Data Dashboards - Shelter Animals Count
    Animal Welfare Glossary - Shelter Animals Count

    Samantha Hill
    Director of Data and Tech
    Shelter Animals Count

  • 4.  RE: Community Conversations - 1/30/23 - The State of Animal Sheltering 2022

    Posted 01-30-2023 03:20 PM
    Thank you to the 340+ people who joined us on today's call. The recording is now available to watch on-demand or share with your team. If you watch today or tomorrow, be sure to complete our entry form to win up to $10k just for attending:

    Below is a recap of the agenda, resources shared and highlights from the chat. If you have any questions about the presentation, feel free to leave them on this thread and our presenters will be around to answer any questions that come to mind.

    We'd also love to hear your response to the question of the day in the comments: what's one accomplishment big or small that you're very proud of for 2022?

    • Welcome - Co-hosts
      • Ed Jamison, Chief Executive Officer, Operation Kindness
      • Clare Callison, Director of National Operations, Austin/American Pets Alive
    • Question of the Day: One accomplishment big or small that you're very proud of for 2022?
      • "We had 100+ adoptions than in 2021!" -Emily Roberts
      • "Rebuilding a healthy workplace culture." -Liam Hughes Taos
      • "Reaching 82% live rate toward our goal of becoming a no-kill shelter" -Veronica Frescas
      • "96% Live Release Rate for 2022!!" -Jill Gilbert
      • "Streamlined our foster program so we can get long stay dogs into foster home faster." -Laurie Ringquist
      • "No Kill Pima County provided retention service to 30% more pets than year before" -Marcie Velen
      • "Our Partnership with VetBilling to create financial sustainability." -Carol Smock
      • "Adoptions for some of our medical dogs!" -Jill Dyche
      • "The word is finally getting out that shelters are very much in need of dog adopters and that the 2020 dog "shortage" is no longer a thing." -Kathleen Summers
      • "The 1,000,000th Pets for Life med/service provided!" -Maria Saucedo
      • "Came in almost at our budgeted fundraising revenue!" -Gina Hays
      • "We continue grow. Added cat program and adopted dogs rose to over 600!" -Amy Charles
      • "Hiring Staffing!" -Esteban Rodriguez
      • "3% kill rate.... They were all court ordered" -Medina Franco
      • "We saved a senior German shepherd who had hours left at a municipal shelter. We had no space, but we pushed and reached out and got a foster for another dog, so we were able to bring the GSD in and save her" -MK Roney
      • "raising staff salaries for their great work" -Nancy Cullins
      • "Low-cost feline dental clinic for cat rescuers" -Adelia Honeywood
      • "Wrote $100,000 in grants during my first 6 months as a grant writer!" -Tracy Brad
      • "We helped 67 pets through our Safe Pet safety net program!" -Jessie Sullivan
      • "Our first full-time veterinarian!" -Maggie Beyeler
      • "We have partnered with Costco in getting produce to feed our farm animals." -Denise McCawley
      • "Won a $100,000 grant for Capital Humane Society." -Sierra Kurth
      • "Gifted $100,000 grant for our new building project" -Kyle O'Neill
      • "Developing a behavior modification pilot to help dogs that may not "show well" in the kennels find forever homes. #PEDIGREEFoundation" -Claire Walton
      • "Thanks to a Maddies Grant we are moving forward with our low cost spay neuter clinic" -Steve Marrero
      • "implemented managed intake!" -Leslie Dalzell
      • "We received a grant to allow our volunteer behavior lead to attend a certification program!" -Susan Austin
      • "AmPA! Launched in May of 2022 and it has almost 100,000 searches!" -Kasey Spain
      • "We were able to bring staff wages up to the Houston benchmark, which really helped with retention and recruitment!!" -Sandi Mercado
    • POLL: When you joined today's meeting, did Zoom make you fill out a registration form again? Yes/No
      • We want to acknowledge that some people may have had to do so, and we'd like to get a clearer idea of how many encountered this. We had made a slight change to the meeting settings allowing people to join anytime, and that may have triggered Zoom to require attendees to complete the form again (though Zoom support says it should not have had any impact).

    National Updates
    Presentation: The State of Animal Sheltering 2022 (Shelter Animals Count Update)

    Highlights From the Chat
    • "Are we looking at the calls for service and if there is an increase that is driving increased intake?" -Vincent Medley
      • Re: "We will be able to look into that level of detail more with Animal Level Data and our partnership with NACA this year." -Stephanie Filer
    • "I was literally just typing an email to an organization who is wanting to open up more.  I have heard staff has really learned to love appointments and is pushing back a bit on open adoption hours.  I'd love to see some data on this too!" -Jamie Case
    • "This is so interesting to see across the board." -Alicia Mason
    • "Generally, it would be interesting to see the impact of a host of policy changes both on intake and outcome." -Brad Shear
    • "As a shelter with a majority of animals in foster, we have to do appointments for those in foster." -Susan Austin
    • "Getting people to even enter or collect data in the first place is still a challenge sometimes" -Maria Saucedo
    • "Thanks for this great presentation! Looking forward to seeing the report." -Jyothi Robertson

    Charlotte Otero
    Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund