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Community Conversations - 4/1/24 - No Call for Spring Break

  • 1.  Community Conversations - 4/1/24 - No Call for Spring Break

    Posted 03-28-2024 02:02 PM

    Spring bustles in vibrant colors, fragrant aromas, and the chattering sounds of life. For some, such sights and sounds signify renewal and a seasonal resurrection of our existence. For others, it represents a spiritual reawakening in which people of all faiths can find commonality.

    It is in this spirit that we want to pause our next Weekly Community Conversations call on April 1st  so everyone can take a moment to simply take a breath, smell the flowers, and celebrate the great work we do as animal well-being professionals. We encourage everyone to reclaim this 60-minutes to meditate or reflect on renewal to recharge our batteries. 

    And if you're the type who recharges by doing, check out the Easter Ideas discussion here on Maddie's Pet Forum. @Kathleen Griffin's query about Easter fundraising and enrichment ideas may spark (or bloom) some fresh ideas for next Spring. Thanks Kathleen!

    Once those batteries are recharged, we'll start fresh the following Monday (April 8th) with an important community conversation topic – Uncovering Insights: The Latest in Shelter Medicine Research, facilitated by Dr. @Chumkee Aziz, Outreach Veterinarian at UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program. It's guaranteed to be a conversation worthy of dispensing that spring renewal energy you've generated.


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