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Does Our Customer Service Match Our Intentions?

  • 1.  Does Our Customer Service Match Our Intentions?

    Posted 09-15-2023 12:35 PM

    At an off-site adoption event recently, I was concerned by a conversation I overheard among volunteers. They were discussing website inquiries on specific animals that they could see were made by members of the public, but never responded to by anyone in their organization. Given the volume of animals currently in care at shelters across the country and this one in particular as a large metro area facility, I was very disappointed. In addition, I had a similar experience when using the same organization's community partner event request portal. Obviously, animals in care could lose out on potential adopters/fosters/lost & found matches with these gaps in customer service. Given that the website, socials, etc of the organization in question are very well done, I can only assume this is human error due to understaffing, miscommunication, or some such.  I'd be interested to hear other opinions, but I suggest that we do periodic "self checks" and walk through our processes as potential customers to identify issues - IT or human - and get them resolved. 


    Shari Cahill