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Impact of Self-Rehoming Programs on Shelter Intake

  • 1.  Impact of Self-Rehoming Programs on Shelter Intake

    Posted 04-23-2024 10:53 AM

    Does your organization provide resources for self-rehoming to your community? 

    Do you live in a community where most of the dogs you intake are easier dog to find homes for, free of medical problems and appear friendly with cats, dogs, and kids? Or, alternatively, are you seeing more dogs relinquished that would benefit from a more experienced adopter than in the past?  

    Lexis Ly's Maddie's Insights presentation on this topic was super interesting.   Her research found that self-rehoming programs might result in easier to place dogs being rehomed outside of the shelter system and more difficult to place dogs are more likely to be relinquished to shelters. 

     Check out her presentation (Maddie's University | Animal Welfare Education Courses: Maddie's Insights - Beyond Animal Shelter Walls: Using Community Data to Understand Intake Diversion of Owner Surrendered Animals (OnDemand)) and I'd love to hear about your organization's experiences. 


    Sheila Segurson, DVM, DACVB
    Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist
    Director of Community Solutions
    Maddie's Fund
    Pleasanton CA