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Is $195 K Salary enough to attract top talent to the Med Dir Role DVM @ SJ ACS ?

  • 1.  Is $195 K Salary enough to attract top talent to the Med Dir Role DVM @ SJ ACS ?

    Posted 07-09-2022 11:50 AM
    The new Salary Range for the Med Dir of Animal Care and Services (ACS) w the City of San Jose was increased to: 
    $117.8 - $186.5K  effective July 1st, 2022.    With 5% non-pensionable pay, the salary range will be: $123.7- $195.9K + Benes & PENSION.
    We know private Veternarians can earn much more. But few clinics have the resources & capacity to build a flexible, learning, winning culture than SJ.
    Check out the Job Spec here and please share this role with others. Our team is rebuilding the staff, Clinic, Shelter, Programs &  Field Services to support the practice of world class Animal Medicine. Your comments & thoughts are helpful, timely & appreciated. 704.641.4417

    CEO, PReP Intl @ City of San Jose

  • 2.  RE: Is $195 K Salary enough to attract top talent to the Med Dir Role DVM @ SJ ACS ?

    Posted 07-10-2022 07:15 PM

     Thank you so much for this post. 

     I think that this salary would depend on a few different things. 

    I know that the cost of living is higher in California so that is something to take into consideration. 

     I think you also would need to take into consideration the work load. 

    From what I was able to research online this is not a bad salary however you may have to increase it a bit if you want to attract top talent..   I would also stress to keep in my the amount of work and hours that are needed to keep shelters and clinics running decently and that definitely affects the family work life balance of the individual who would serve in this role. From my experience opening the clinic at my former job and my current role I have learned that new graduates are coming out of school making $115-$120K at places because of the demand. I mentioned increasing it because new graduates with very little experience are coming out of school making the salary close to where your starting pay is for this role. The demand for veterinarians especially skilled ones is very high so if you want to attract top talent you have to make it worth considering to vets who have multiple offers on the table.

     What does the vacation time look like? Are their personal days or PTO? Are there any other incentives that make the position attractive and competitive such as a 4 day work week? No weekend work? On call shifts ect???

     I hope that you find the right person for the role. Best of luck to you. 

    Marissa Reid
    Assistant Practice Manager
    Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital

    Access To Care Specialist
    Clinic Management Specialist