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Four Rights Webinar Series Barrier Busters, enter to win your prize here!

  • 1.  Four Rights Webinar Series Barrier Busters, enter to win your prize here!

    Posted 30 days ago

    In last week's Right Outcome webinar, Drs. Kate Hurley and Cindy Karsten closed out the series by sharing recommendations for removing barriers to the Right Outcome and encouraging us to look for opportunities to turn good outcomes into better and best outcomes. We were so inspired by your barrier-busting ideas during the webinar, we're making the entire month of June all about removing barriers and clearing the way for more animals to reach the Right Outcome. All you need to do to join us (and put your name in the hat for a prize from our Basket of Joy!) is answer this question:

    What is ONE barrier to the Right Outcome for animals in your shelter that you could remove in June?

    Share your answer by replying to this thread on Maddie's Pet Forum, and you'll be entered to win one of these prizes:

    • A Yeti: begone, thirst barriers! Whether you need a tumbler for your smoothie or a supersized bottle for your iced coffee, you'll be covered.
    • The Best Practice Playbook for Animal Shelters: your guide to breaking down barriers to best practices, Dr. Sara Pizano's playbook will help your shelter implement proven national standards with a special emphasis on the efficient use of all resources that will eliminate waste and save lives.
    • Your own personalized jingle: the quickest barrier-to-joy buster is a custom jingle composed by Koret Shelter Medicine Program songsmith extraordinaire Andy Cowitt. We're already imagining a shelter staff singalong…

    So what barrier could you banish this month? We can't wait to find out! We'll announce the winners in early July.
    Yeti to win big? Post here to play:


    Mandy Newkirk