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Retail Partner/Offsite Adoptions (Petco, PetSmart, etc.)

  • 1.  Retail Partner/Offsite Adoptions (Petco, PetSmart, etc.)

    Posted 05-18-2022 11:15 AM
    For shelters who partner with retail partners for on-site adoptions (not events); specifically cat/critter adoptions that are handled by the store - they process the paperwork we send with the animals and process payment. We are having to change our payment method for retail partners so my question to you all is, if you are currently involved in retail partnerships, how are you processing payments for your adoption fees? 

    Internally we use Clover and we (and Petco) are considering using it offsite as well, but would like some feedback from others if possible. Checks aren't an option, cash is always an option but isn't always the most secure method and easy transactions for both parties would be ideal. 

    Thanks for your input!

    Ami Manivong
    Feline Population Coordinator
    Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
    Colorado Springs, CO