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  • 1.  Shelter employee/volunteer training

    Posted 11-20-2023 05:28 AM

    Suggestions on informative and easily digestible resources to train shelter employees/volunteers in the following:

    -Shelter stress and how to support dogs

    -Basic training/positive reinforcement

    Resources with data supporting their stance would be amazing! To convince the employees that might be skeptical of methods that are possibly more time consuming/seemingly effortful, but more humane approaches (i.e., click for no bark vs. putting a shock collar on a barking dog)

    Thank you!!




  • 2.  RE: Shelter employee/volunteer training

    Posted 11-20-2023 08:01 AM

    Hi Karee,

    Just wanted to put some resources here that may be helpful:

    Kelly Duer
    Senior Community Solutions Specialist
    Maddie's Fund