Helping Your Neighborhood Cats as Part of Meow DC

Helping Your Neighborhood Cats as part of Meow DC
Presented by Neighborhood Cats and The Community Cats Podcast

You see one dashing under a bush on your way home, another lying in a driveway or picking food out of a trash can. They live on the streets, in the park and behind the warehouse. Their kittens are cute but elusive fluff balls and you worry how they’ll survive. You know they can be annoying when they yowl in the middle of the night or the males spray the backyard and you worry how your neighbors will feel. You want to help them. But how?

Join @bryan kortis and Susan Richmond of Neighborhood Cats for an introduction to the world of community cats and how to make their lives better by trapping them, having them spayed and neutered, and caring for them in their outdoor homes. By the session’s end, you’ll know what to do next and where to go to learn more.

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When:  May 18, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (PT)
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