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  • Hello all! I have been a long time volunteer at Animal Welfare Friends in Monticello, Iowa. And today is my one year anniversary as the manager! If I could be any animal, I would be a bird. Maybe a falcon or hawk. As I am afraid of heights, it would be wonderful to soar through the air and travel where ... See More

  • ------------------------------ alison gibson Senior Media Specialist Maddie's Fund ------------------------------ See More

  • I have no answers for you, but I am interested in what you find out. I would LOVE to do this, at least partially in our shelter. But I need to figure out how to make it feasible. Michelle Harmon | Foster and Behavior Programs Manager LifeLine Animal Project | Fulton ... See More

  • We are looking to improve our shelter food enrichment program. Currently, we feed our dogs 2x/dy. In the morning they get a bowl and in the afternoon some of them they puzzle feeders. Given the number of reactive and young dogs we have we would like to feed these dogs using only Kongs and puzzle feeders. ... See More

  • Hi Brianna! I've used NETWORK FOR GOOD, and it worked well after the initial setup (which is always challenging). It's about $400/month, and they have a guarantee. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Good luck! ------------------------------ Kaja Gula-Thomas Grants/Donors/Data START Rescue VENTURA ... See More

  • Growing up in India, @Geraldine D'Silva developed a deep understanding of equality and the human-animal bond. From an early age, she'd care for stray dogs in her neighborhood, feeding them and taking them to a local shelter for further care. Later, that compassion expanded using her degree in Sociology ... See More

  • We hope you will join us on Monday, October 3rd at 11am PT/2pm ET for our next Community Conversations call . We will be announcing the winners of the September grant giveaway so be sure to tune in to see if you've been selected to win! After the $10k giveaway, we will be joined by @Jennifer ... See More

  • Tears welling in my eyes, Dr. Sheila. There is special "place" for those who love and care for the "under dogs" like Joe. May your heart find peace having seen him through so that once healed your are ready for the next underdog who needs you. Susan Murphy ------------------------------ susan murphy ... See More

  • Hi Erin! Thank you for the suggestion :) I will see if the behaviorist has that set up already! ------------------------------ Megan Stalb Adoption Manager Queen Anne's County Animal Services ------------------------------ See More

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    transfer protocols

    Hello! We are wanting to streamline our transfer- in process. Does anyone have any protocols they would like to share? Our system is very inefficient right now and I would like to see what other orgs do. Currently, we get the candidates' medical/bx history and it has to get reviewed by a supervisor ... See More

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