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  • This month our resource drive is focused on welcoming practices. We know that making changes to your organization's existing practices can sometimes be challenging so the goal with this resource drive is to share and learn from others who have made changes or help those who are hoping to make specific ... See More

  • Hi, I completely understand your many concerns, and thank you so much for caring and wanting to raise awareness about doing the right thing. Changing the culture is not easy but I think we should try to understand the culture first then slowly chip away at it. I was visiting a shelter in Montana a ... See More

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    RE: What CRM do you use?

    We too, use DonorSnap... very good product for the money and will handle event ticket purchases along with other things.... we have used BetterWorld for auctions and drawings with great results. We are a smaller organization, but I believe we are growing because we have invested in a DMS. We did start ... See More

  • Registered and following ------------------------------ Renee Milner Facebook page volunteer Animal shelter alliance of Rhea ------------------------------ See More

  • I think that kids at schools should be the target. These kids will change things if they get they learn how to treat and respect animals, The current generation, not so much. Unless the kids can influence the parents That's how things changed with cigarettes They kept explaining how bad smoking is ... See More

  • Crisis Sheltering for Pets: Keeping People and Pets Together Tuesday, April 11 at 5 p.m. CT There are times when someone can't take care of their pet on a temporary basis, because of a medical emergency, loss of housing, or another short-term crisis. The traditional sheltering ... See More

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    RE: What CRM do you use?

    Hello, Over the years I've worked with various CRMs including Bloomerang, DonorView, Network for Good, DonorPerfect, and Classy to name a few. I've seen how some of these platforms have greatly increased over the years. Of these, I found DonorView to very clunky and disliked it. There are some ... See More

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    RE: What CRM do you use?

    Aloha Nora, Thank you for your response! Those are both new companies to me. Haven't seen their names come up in my research. I will check them out. Hope things are going well for you there! Have a great weekend! Happy Aloha Friday! Mahalo (thank you,) ------------------------------ Holly ... See More

  • Once you see a need for a shelter in you area how do you go about forming a team to get a shelter started? #CommunityPartnerships* ------------------------------ Kristin Berger Speech therapist/ therapy dogs CCC Schools ------------------------------ See More

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