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  • Hi everyone! My name is Catherine Moore and I am with Metro Animal Shelter located in Tuscaloosa, AL. I currently work remotely as the Social Media/Content Creator since recently moving to Milledgeville, GA. Before relocating, I was the Office and Programs Manager, though I wore several hats while ... See More

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    RE: Easter ideas

    There is a group in my area (Louisville, KY) that does an Easter fundraiser. They raise money by having people sign up to have eggs hidden in their own yards. They call it "Egg my yard". Cute idea and must do well enough for them because they continue to do it each year. ------------------------------ ... See More

  • What interesting work! The Human Animal Support Services (HASS) Data Team is focused on research and development efforts for HASS programming. Animal shelter data analysis on lost pet reunification is one example. You can learn more about the Data Team's work in this recent webinar as well! ------------------------------ ... See More

  • HI Kristen - I don't mind at all! We implemented Nasal vaccines in our bottle baby nurseries at a few shelters in AZ a few years ago, starting at about 2 weeks and continuing every 2 weeks until we begin their official parenteral kitten series at 6 weeks. We initially did this to prevent panleuk ... See More

  • Thank you I see it. Dean Glover ------------------------------ Dean Glover Volunteer Converse Animal Shelter, Inc ------------------------------ See More

  • The Fear Free Shelters course is available to volunteers. If you click to register you will find the information there: ------------------------------ Jasmine Odynski ------------------------------ See More

  • Greetings from Texas I am a volunteer with Converse Animal Shelter. I notice the Fear Free course is only for employees, is there any route for volunteers to take the course? Dean Glover Medical Volunteer ------------------------------ Dean Glover Volunteer Converse Animal Shelter, Inc -- ... See More

  • I just walk dogs and snuggle cats at a shelter a couple of hours a week, but in my day job I am an applied researcher/criminologist, and I would love to hear how you use data in your organization, Heather. Can you share some examples? ------------------------------ Kevin Whiteacre Professor University ... See More

  • Hi Samantha: That is really interesting information. I hope you don't mind a few more questions! *Intranasal vaccine at intake: any specific age? Or all kittens' first vaccine regardless? We have a lot of kittens that go out into foster. In that case, would you use the parenteral vaccine first, and ... See More

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