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  • Hi everyone! We do weekly open adoption events at our adoption center every weekend and then we have additional events off site (when local stores/venues host) but people are getting confused or don't read - even though each post has the details (time/place/what animals will be there/etc). Is there another ... See More

  • Glad to hear the sound baffles made a difference in your kennel. We are seriously thinking of giving that a try. Dogs will be dogs and they will still bark but the baffles should absorb some of the sound. Thanks for your reply. ------------------------------ Kingman County Humane Society director ... See More

  • Hello! I am from Anderson, CA and am a volunteer who wears many hats for Stillwater Cat Haven. As the founders are 81 and wanting to retire, I took this opportunity to step in and learn as much as I can, as fast as I can, to help them out. My previous occupations had me working for Habitat for Humanity ... See More

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    RE: noise mitigation

    Our kennel is a metal building. No problems with sound echoing there!! The noise was so bad, you could not even hear yourself think let alone have a conversation in the building. We had sound baffles installed. Now you can actually have a brief conversation. Still not whisper quiet, but it has ... See More

  • The Institute for Human-Animal Connection put together a standard protocol a few years back after interviews with several programs across the U.S. Hope this is helpful! ------------------------------ Sloane ... See More

  • Hi Alexis, It's been a while since I wrote this article about kittens being fostered in prisons. Hope it's of interest to you and others. ------------------------------ Nancy Peterson The National Kitten Coalition ----------------------- ... See More

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    RE: Holiday Toy Drives

    Yes, please share when you can! This sounds like an amazing idea❤️ I am so glad it was so successful for you last year and I hope it is this year as well!! Thank you!! ------------------------------ Hillary Witt Foster Coordinator Bottle Babies Rescue Plymouth ------------------------------ ... See More

  • We did Black Fur-day instead of Black Friday. All adult cats and dogs with black fur were 50% off. Last year we did a Secret Santa/Paw Angel Tree (I don't remember what we called it) but it really helped spice up getting donations. We made a list of some longer stay animals (you can pick whoever) and ... See More

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    RE: How to start the Foster Programs

    I don't have the resources really to show you how to do any of this. But the rescue I work at used to be SOLELY foster based and was very successful. Then we acquired a facility and have a shelter-like space for additional animals. If there is anything on our website that can help, or maybe you could ... See More

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    RE: Holiday Toy Drives

    We did an "angel tree" last year. You put animals names up as an ornament and on the back it's a list of their "Christmas list" (or what you need) and it was SO SUCCESSFUL! I started out with not that many animals because I didn't have high hopes, but our community went above and beyond and I had to ... See More

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