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  • Greetings Animal-Wellbeing Unicorns! One thing I always hear is that the only constant in life is change. With change comes uncertainty, excitement, and sometimes fear. Often, when talking with shelter staff, rescue workers, and other stakeholders, they mention that one of the most challenging parts ... See More

  • Thank you Mary Lou for reminding us that we are striving to do better. My Northstar is Maya Angelou's famous quote: When you know better, do better! Progress is slow and there are so many ups and downs but the needle is moving. ------------------------------ Julielani Chang The Life of Kai: Compassion ... See More

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    RE: Foster homes

    Hi Janice, Thank you for caring for the "big ones." I can definitely see the difficulty in recruiting. I used to volunteer for a local shelter and the big dogs are always the last to get their walks as most people would rather walk the smaller size ones. I ended up becoming the big dog walker the four ... See More

  • Our rescue went through a situation late last year where we rented a small storefront for a separate senior rescue only to find that the City had barred the landlord from renting the property. The City served us with notice to vacate within 2 weeks and we had to scurry to find space. We worked with ... See More

  • The biggest change over the last 10 plus years has been going from the model "We can't save them all" to elevated thinking of "Save Them All" in geographical areas where strays are not as overwhelming (notheast in particular) and institutions with employees and volunteers who have evolved and kept ... See More

  • Looking for either a POE Camera or preferably a game-camera style camera that is capable of reading license plates at distances of up to 60+ feet. Doesn't need to be an LPR as long as I can clearly read their license plate in the footage. What models does your organization use, and if you use a game-camera ... See More

  • Debbie - what a courageous story. I support CCAS and CCHS as dog walker and counselor. Would you be willing to advise on "rally for rescues" to advance kennel volunteer tools like better intake photos, walker logs and framing the ideal playbook for dog adoption from shelters? ------------------------------ ... See More

  • We use walkie-talkies across several teams including the Canine Team, Clinic, Guest Services (intake and front desk), and Foster. We get the cheaper ones that you can get on Amazon - like 12 walkies for $100. They aren't the most stellar pieces of machinery but they aren't a huge fiasco to replace if ... See More

  • Hi Debbie, Congratulations on your "retirement"! Your insights into the evolution of animal shelters inspire hope that we will continue to work toward a more compassionate world of sheltering. As we learn more about dogs' behaviors through science, I am optimistic that we will prioritize their welfare ... See More

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