Hatching Hour - The Art of Deep Listening: Sensing the World Differently

When:  Dec 21, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals

Looking to enrich your life, personally and professionally? Hatching Hour is your community. Join Hatching CEO & Founder, @José Ocaño (he/him/el) at the Hatching online gatherings to serve up expert insights, compelling stories, and actionable wisdom to help you #LiveBetter and #WorkBetter. 

Dive deep into transformative mindsets, tap in to your potential, and chart your journey towards a life filled with intention—all for free. Elevate, inspire, transform. Start your next chapter with Hatching Hour. Your future self will thank you.

Coming up on Thursday, December 21, 2023, at 10am PT/11am MT is next Hatching Hour session The Art of Deep Listening: Sensing the World Differentlyfeaturing special guest, Marilou Chanrasmi, co-founder of Four Winds Canine Connections, whose work spans from indigenous and Asian American communities to tech startups, all rooted in mindfulness and the art of deep listening.

What is Deep Listening? Deep Listening is a way of being and walking in this world with true aliveness and balance. Through the art and practice of deep listening we begin to sense, see and feel the world in a way that invites wholeness, healing and harmony within us, around us and in relationship with each other. We practice listening inwardly, outwardly and between the spaces with deep presence for what is being said, in words, through our bodies, in silence, in vibrations and in energy. We hope you will join us!

About Hatching Founder, José Ocaño:

José Ocaño has spent more than 15 years working to preserve and support the human-animal bond. Self-awareness, personal accountability, and relationship cultivation have been foundational as Jose navigates his career and life outside of work. At his first job with one of the largest animal shelters in the Arizona, Jose learned the importance of developing emotional intelligence, communication, and people skills to build meaningful relationships that inspire and motivate people to work better together. In 2017, after a decade of working to transform that organization, Jose joined Best Friends Animal Society, a national nonprofit organization where he served as the first Senior Director of People and Culture. 
At Best Friends, Jose was responsible for leading dynamic teams, including Human Resources, Learning and Staff Development, Employee Experience, and Organizational Culture initiatives, and served as a strategic advisor to the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Leadership Team. Through collaboration, change, and innovative management, Jose and his team stewarded a workplace culture that was employee- and value-centric. These efforts positioned Best Friends to win multiple Top Workplace Awards since 2020.

In 2023, Jose launched Hatching, a company centered around helping people #LiveBetter and #WorkBetter. Hatching’s vision is to create a more peaceful world by helping people live with more compassion, gratitude, and self-worth.  The goal of Hatching is to help people and organizations leverage their unique experiences and potential to make the workplace an environment where people can thrive. Jose believes that, together, we will make the world a better place by leading with intention, authenticity, and personal accountability.

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When:  Dec 21, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals


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