Webcast: Maddie's Million Pet Challenge - Four Rights: The Right Time

When:  Apr 26, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals
Join the Maddie's Million Pet Challenge Team for the second of their 5 part series.

The Right Time has two dimensions: there’s the right time for an animal to come into the shelter (could be right now, at a scheduled time in the future, or maybe never!), and then there are right times once the animals admitted (holding periods and length of stay, for example).

Time is our most valuable resource, and our most interconnected. Whether we’re talking about the hours our shelter is open or the demands on our staff time, the system we build directly impacts the time an animal spends in our shelter. In this webinar, Drs. Cindi Delany and Kate Hurley will outline strategies for streamlining tasks, reducing length of stay, capturing lost resources, and making the most of the resources you have.

The webcast has been pre-approved for 1.0 Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credits by The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement and by the National Animal Care & Control Association.

The information contained in webinars and related materials has been prepared, compiled, or provided by Maddie's Fund as a service to webinar participants and is not intended to constitute the rendering of legal, consulting, or other professional services of any kind.

Recording is now available to watch on demand in Maddie's University: https://university.maddiesfund.org/products/the-future-is-four-the-right-care-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time-to-the-right-outcome

@Kate Hurley DVM, MPVM, Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge

Dr. Hurley is the founding director of the Koret Shelter Medicine Program and co-founder of the Million Cat Challenge, a shelter-based initiative to save the lives of one million more cats in five years. Over 1,500 shelters more than tripled that goal, between them saving over three million cats against their own baseline before joining the challenge.

Hurley’s research interests include welfare of confined dogs and cats, humane and effective strategies to manage community cats, and infectious disease prevention. She will always love shelter work because it has the potential to improve the lives of so many animals and the people who work so hard to care for them.

Dr. Cindi Delany, Director of Online Learning, Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge

With an undergraduate degree in Business/Economics from UCLA and a DVM from UC Davis, Dr. Cindi Delany has practiced emergency medicine, animal shelter medicine and shelter outreach for more than 20 years. 

Her focus with the Koret Shelter Medicine Program’s animal shelter outreach and industry speaking activities is on programs targeted to improve animal outcomes, provide environmental enrichment for shelter animals, explore shelter animal behavior and training, improve shelter data collection and analysis, and maximize operational efficiencies in a limited resource environment. 

Dr. Delany is now taking her passion and expertise for sharing information and learnings about maximizing animal shelter success to the next level as the Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge Director of Online Learning at the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program.

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When:  Apr 26, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals


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