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Such Small Hands

If you are interested in companion animal welfare, you might be interested in . . . #General #rescuedogs #training #fosterdogs #behavior #adoptingadog #animalwelfare #aversives

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Teaching Dog to Leave Cats Alone

Hello - I adopted a new dog about three weeks ago. I already had a resident dog and two cats in the house when I adopted the new dog. The cats and the resident dog get along great and with no problem. However, I am having a little trouble getting the new dog to behave appropriately around the...

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Seeking Foster Training Videos

We are looking for low cost foster training videos that include "do's and don'ts" for our foster based rescue. Topics to include decompression, introducing other pets, etc. #training #FosteringaPet

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Train Kitten not to jump on table

I recently adopted a kitten and was wondering what I can do to train him not to jump up on the table and attempt to eat food off my plate. I read online that removing him from the table, and keeping him in a room is one way to teach him it’s not ok to eat from my plate. I was just wondering if...