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Animal Welfare Leadership Roundup Call - Friday, 9/10/21 - Shelterluv's Field and Community Services platform, Best Friends 2020 National Dataset 

09-10-2021 01:03 PM


  • Welcome – Kristen Hassen, Director, American Pets Alive! -
    • QOTD: What is your perfect weekend morning?
  • Mary's Motivation – family takes on so many different forms and we think about that especially with the 20th anniversary of 9/11, COVID, fire, and floods. So many people have been responsible for keeping us safe – and you all have been doing such an incredible job in spite of negative comments. You continue to help the animals and each other people in your community.  A recent comment said that shelters are where people go to adopt, not where staff should be happy – but Mary says shelters are places where people staff should be valued and feel happy.
  • Tammi Barrick’s FaceBook page: positive quotes on FB – It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it is what matters. Tammi’s FB page
  • New folks!
  • Brent Toellner, Senior Director of National Programs, Best Friends Animal Society - results of the Best Friends 2020 national dataset / analysis and five-year trend of total data and specific types of intake and outcomes.
  • @Alexis Pugh, Director, Memphis Animal Service - Shelterluv’s free Field and Community Services platform

List of resources referenced during today’s call 



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