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    Kristin: For larger reactive dogs who aren't too reactive (the ones who are equally happy to follow the lead of calm, confident humans when they're around), we tie them to the basket of an adult trike that we take to adoptathons. The trike ensures that these dogs aren't approached head-on by people or dogs that make them uneasy, and it gives us a wonderful tool that can get them moving (not only to exercise them around the parking lot and show off their skills, but even more importantly, to move read more

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    Hi April: Eek! I can't imagine not putting a protective coating over a cat's eyes during surgery. Sigh. If the ophthalmology department at UC Davis hasn't gotten back to you, I'd call the Ophthal. department at Cornell and see if you can speak to one of their residents. I don't know if Dr. Tom Kern is still with the department, but if he is, he's a real sweetie, and I'd be surprised if the people working with him didn't talk to you. A good number to start with is: (607) 253-3060. Lynne Swanson, read more

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    Hi all: Here is the link to the "K9 Behavior SKILL-building: Communicating With Canines" presentation from last year's Texas Unites for Animals Conference. At 1 hour 20 minutes, it's an excellent K9 behavior training seminar for staff, volunteers, foster homes and new adopters, alike. For those of you who have been asking for help with reactive dogs, I'm presently working on the sound edits for another seminar "K9 Behavior SKILL-building: How to Turn read more

  • In last week's Right Outcome webinar, Drs. Kate Hurley and Cindy Karsten closed out the series by sharing recommendations for removing barriers to the Right Outcome and encouraging us to look for opportunities to turn good outcomes into better and best outcomes. We were so inspired by your barrier-busting ideas during the webinar, we're making the entire month of June all about removing barriers and clearing the way for more animals to reach the Right Outcome. All you need to do to join us (and put read more

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    Thank you to everyone who has completed and shared our survey already. The data is so interesting thus far-- we can't wait to dig in! This survey is still open-- please consider taking it and sharing with others :) Link to the survey HERE Participants must be: 18+ years of age Responsible for (dog) intake at their organization UBC Behavioural Research Ethics Board (Ethics ID: H22-00136) For questions or concerns, email Dr. Sasha Protopopova (Principal Investigator) read more

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