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Adoptions to Seniors with disabilities

  • 1.  Adoptions to Seniors with disabilities

    Posted 07-31-2023 07:09 AM

    Hi - 

    I am interested to find out how others handle adoption requests for cats or kittens when the potential adopter is a senior over the age of 80 (sometimes in their 90s) with obvious physical disabilities such as vision impairment or difficulty walking, and living on their own.  I know a cat could greatly enrich their lives, but there is concern about whether they can properly care for a kitten or cat. Adopting an older, more subdued cat may be a safer option for seniors, rather than a more active kitten that could pose a hazard. Can you provide any advice or recommendations on this situation?


    Linda B
    Fearless Kitty Rescue
    Fountain Hills AZ