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  • 1.  Does your organization set RTH/RTO Goals?

    Posted 08-01-2023 07:26 AM

    Does your organization have goals around # or % of lost pets returned-to-home/owner? How about goals for reclaims done in the field vs. over the counter (OTC)? And how do you celebrate success when goals are met? 


    Nichole Boudreau
    Embedded Data & Implementation Coordinator
    Human Animal Support Services at American Pets Alive!

  • 2.  RE: Does your organization set RTH/RTO Goals?

    Posted 08-01-2023 08:53 AM

    I can't wait to see where this conversation goes! Knowing where we are and where we want to go is so critical to successful programs, regardless of the topic. I find so many shelters that do not focus on RTH data, despite it being one of the easiest and least expensive lifesaving methods. Is anyone really focusing on this body of work and how are you doing?

    Gina Knepp
    National Shelter Engagement Director
    Michelson Found Animals Foundation
    Los Angeles, California

  • 3.  RE: Does your organization set RTH/RTO Goals?

    Posted 08-02-2023 05:32 AM

    Success really should only be if the animal is for sure reunited with the owner.  If an animal is microchipped, reunification is very likely if the owner lost and did not abandon the animal. Finding an owner of a non-microchipped animal is so difficult.  We had one this past year thanks to the FB community recognizing the cat's photo once we took him in with a lost flyer they had seen elsewhere on FB. The cat had been missing for over 2 months and was skin and bones but his owners were beyond happy to have him back. We featured him on our monthly newsletter and encouraged people to donate to the nonprofit his owner works for. 

    Organizations using RTH/RTO language who are actually just TNVRing and not looking for or confirming a caretaker should not be counting those animals or claiming success.  You have no idea if the animals has an owner or even a steady feeder if you are just returning and not speaking to the community.  I have seen shelters near me switch from RTH to RTH/RTO and I am not sure what the reasoning is but it is disingenuous 

    Amanda Gray
    Fundraising and Grants Manager
    Operation Liberation