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Email Notifications Deep Dive: Personalized Digest

  • 1.  Email Notifications Deep Dive: Personalized Digest

    Posted 01-18-2023 12:54 PM

    Let's take a closer look at the Personalized Digest email notification option for the Animal Welfare Professionals community. As mentioned in our other tutorial post, you will receive the Personalized Digest Email by default when you join Maddie's Pet Forum. To update your notification settings, visit your Community/Group notifications section of your profile.

    What's Included In Your Personalized Digest
    Your personalized digest email will summarize all content relevant to your preferences, interests and activity in the Animal Welfare Professionals Community. If you haven't engaged with much on Maddie's Pet Forum, your personalized digest will also include popular content including the most read discussions, most recommended/liked discussions and most favorited content by fellow community members.


    Discussions will be listed at the top of your digest. If you see "Re:'' in the title of the discussion, that means the thread was created previously and you're being notified of new replies/comments on that thread. In the example below, "Re: Rabbit Housing" was created by Ashley Milo and this notification email is showing you the latest reply from Emily Wood.

    Discussions Section

    Anything shown in teal in your personalized digest email is linked so you can click on the name to view the person's profile who created the discussion, click on the title of the thread or click on "more" to visit that thread or reply.

    Library Entries

    After discussions, you'll see a section for "Library Entries" if new library entries have been added to the resource library. It'll include the title of the library entry, when it was shared and who created it. You can click on the title (ex: "Behavior Foster Resources") to go to the library entry page and view all the resources associated with that library entry.

    Library Entries Section



    After the Library Entries section, you'll have an "Events" section for any new events added to the community with details of when the event will be coming up:

    Events Section

    Managing Your Interests

    A complete personalized digest can vary in length depending on your interests and the content you engage with. To add or remove topics you're interested in, head to your profile page and scroll down to the "Topic Community - Stated Interests" section or click here:

    Add Topics of Interest or Remove From the Topic Community - Stated Interests Section

    From that section of your profile, click on the "Add a Topic" button to select animal welfare topics you're interested in. If there's something there that is no longer relevant to you, click on the "x" next to the topic name to remove it from your interests.

    If you have any questions about your Personalized Digest email notifications or anything on Maddie's Pet Forum, let us know in the comment below or send us an email at 

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