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  • 1.  Follow up on Changes to Meta/Facebook Fundraising

    Posted 10 days ago

    In 2023 there were two discussion threads on this topic:  

    I wondered how others are doing since this change took place?  Have you implemented changes to compensate?

    We've noticed a distinct downward trend in donations on Facebook since last spring, and an increase in problems trying to add a donate button to any post.  Sometimes we can't find any way to include a button; other times we see the button feature, add it, then can't make the post go live, or can't schedule the post.  Most of our recurring donors didn't even realize that their donations had stopped.  

    The effects for us (Kotor Kitties) have been profound.

    The changes we've implemented are primarily things we should have done from the beginning, involving better donor management:

    • starting an e-news letter and building an email list
    • paying more attention to individual donor management and relations
    • adopting and promoting a new donation/donor management platform called Zeffy, which is free for nonprofits AND covers the processing fees now incurred on Facebook, (PayPal Giving Fund), as well as GoFundMe, Great Nonprofits, Candid, etc.
    • Having more fundraising training provided for our Board of Directors

    I would love to hear how other groups are navigating this time of transition...?  Especially interested in learning about other small, all-volunteer groups with high impact like we have with Kotor Kitties



    April King
    Volunteer and Board Member
    Kotor Kitties
    +1 206 407 5336

  • 2.  RE: Follow up on Changes to Meta/Facebook Fundraising

    Posted 9 days ago

    We too have seen a downward trend in donations made through donate buttons and fb fundraisers since the changes were implemented from Meta. I think it is more about donor perception.  There was a big stink about fb charging fees through paypal. What most donors don't realize is most merchant services will charge a fee even through our websites. We haven't had an issue with adding a donate button. Thanks for the tip on Zeffy. I will check that out. We too have an enewsletter but as a small volunteer organization it sometimes gets set aside for more urgent needs. We are pretty good with keeping up with donor relations.  

    Lisa Burn
    Farmhouse Animal & Nature Sanctuary
    Myakka City, FL

  • 3.  RE: Follow up on Changes to Meta/Facebook Fundraising

    Posted 9 days ago

    We also have seen a decrease in donations with all the Meta/Facebook changes. We have been attributing it to the economy and overall fatigue from being constantly asked to donate. It is reassuring to hear we are not the only ones seeing changes. In the past we financially always did will with Facebook appeals and grants. Last year was the first year we have had to do other types of fundraisers to raise money. We did online auctions, a tag sale, a clothing drive, a holiday bazaar and a haunted house. These fundraisers were very helpful but did not raise as much money as our Facebook fundraisers used to.

    Karen Hunter
    Foster parent and board member
    Wells Valley Cat Rescue

  • 4.  RE: Follow up on Changes to Meta/Facebook Fundraising

    Posted yesterday

    The donate button change was frustrating. Now when making a post to fundraise, we have to select up front to "raise money" and select our organization. 

    We have been fundraising with Cuddly as well, especially for our medical cases.

    Amanda Gray
    Adoptions volunteer
    Adopt A Cat Foundation