Weekly Community Conversations - Partnership Not Servitude

When:  Oct 31, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals

About This Session: Partnership Not Servitude: Prioritizing All Humans and the Direct Effect it Has on Pets

James Evans and Marilou Chanrasmi from Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity will discuss the origins of animal welfare and how we got here with the problems that persist today. Together, we will look at the need to include people of color as part of the solution, including how it has historically been done and new ways to partner with communities who may distrust us. The topics discussed in this talk will consist of the history of animal welfare, prioritizing BIPOC people, and the value of this very inclusion to help save more lives.

About Community Conversations
Maddie’s Fund, hosts a weekly hour-long Zoom call for animal well-being professionals. These calls are a collaborative space to share exciting new programs and research, discuss uncomfortable topics, connect with peers in the industry, and more, all while sharing a common goal of preserving the human-animal bond.

This call, recurring each Monday unless otherwise posted, is for executive directors, animal well-being leaders, shelter workers, pet support professionals, volunteers, and rescue organizations.

You need only register once to attend each recurring meeting. By registering for this event, your email address will be added to our community conversations mailing list where weekly meeting agendas and announcements are shared by Maddie's Fund. We do not share your information.

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Please note: All views expressed on these calls are not necessarily endorsed by Maddie’s Fund.

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When:  Oct 31, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals


Online Instructions:
Url: http://maddies.fund/communityconversations103122
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