Weekly Community Conversations - Shaping the Future of Veterinary Care: Cultivating Diversity, Trust

When:  Jan 29, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals

Call Topic: Shaping the Future of Veterinary Care: Cultivating Diversity, Trust, and One Health with VetREDI 

The pet, the parent, the vet, the adopter, the agency, the social media feed...everyone's got an opinion. But which one is "right" or who can you "trust"? CARE aims to rewrite that narrative and seek to understand why they all matter and no one opinion is right. When the animal industry intersects with the veterinary field, clashes of opinions can have significant impact on the health of the animals, humans, and the relationship with every medical professional. When it comes to interacting with the veterinary profession; however, each situation is unique and a spectrum of solutions should be explored. Unfortunately, that's not the message we see and hear, because of the severe lack of diversity.

Join Dr. Azalia Boyd and Dr. Raye Taylor, veterinarians from Companion and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE), to discuss the need for representation and cultural competency in the veterinary space and how starting there will lead to greater trust in the profession, more interest in it as a career path, and better health for our animals. They will introduce the development of a new certification for veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals that focuses on racial equity, diversity and inclusion, Vet REDI. Both Dr. Boyd and Dr. Taylor have extensive first-hand and personal experiences with a deep commitment to advancing the principles of cultural awareness, social justice, and racial equity within veterinary medicine and animal well-being overall.

About Community Conversations:
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When:  Jan 29, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM (PT)
Associated with  Animal Welfare Professionals


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