2023 Open Arms Challenge

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  • Well we will try. Not hoping for alot but maybe a few! Two out of 10 responded so that doesn't give me lots of hope. But worth a try ------------------------------ Laura Coan Volunteer Novastar Rescue ------------------------------ See More

  • We have. The response was not encouraging. Once the crisis was over we never see them again until they need something ------------------------------ Michelle Robinson Cause 4Paws Gary,INC ------------------------------ See More

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    RE: Foreign Language Translation

    We are a government facility in North Georgia and we looked for internal county resources for assistance in translating. I reached out to a retired Spanish professor that immigrated from Cuba with her family when she was young. She tests and certifies our county's Sheriffs Dept, Marshals Office and ... See More

  • This was sent via fb messenger to all of the people who participated in the FREE spay/neuter clinic that our rescue coordinated with the help of many sponsors. Novastar Rescue is continually looking for volunteers to assist with chores around the rescue. Do you have a couple hours or a day that ... See More

  • I LOVE this idea, Laura! Do you mind sharing the language so we can see how you offered this? ------------------------------ Amber Eby Grants Specialist Maddie's Fund ------------------------------ See More

  • After providing Free spay/neuter a to 13 people in February, I was considering sending out an email to those folks mentioning that we would love any of them to consider volunteering for our rescue. Definitely said this is not required or expected but offered them an opportunity to give back. It turned ... See More

  • Hi- I am working on a training for staff at the low-cost vet clinic associated with our non-profit shelter. I am wanting to include the importance of inclusion and the clinics role in keeping people and pets together. I also want to make sure that staff feel connected to the outreach work that the shelter ... See More

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    RE: Graphics for challenge

    Thank you so much for sending the graphics!!! ------------------------------ Dana Widmer Grant Manager CARE STL ------------------------------ See More

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    RE: Graphics for challenge

    Hi Dana! I've attached the square social graphics for the challenge. Please let me know if you need anything else or if you're looking for different sizes. ------------------------------ Charlotte Otero Community Strategist at Maddie's Fund she/her ------------------------------ See More

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