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  • Fundraising is a crucial aspect for animal welfare organizations to continue their mission of providing services for people and pets. Successful fundraisers bring in the necessary funds to cover the costs of medical care, food, shelter, and other essential needs. We would love to hear about ... See More

  • Linda, We have the same issue at our rural sanctuary in Florida. Our main issue in finding and keeping volunteers is that we are rural and it is a long drive from the closest cities. We offer "virtual" volunteer opportunities as well including asking for help with finding community sponsors, donations ... See More

  • Last month while volunteering for the Street Dog Coalition, I met DaShawn and his dog Roxy. At the time, I thought he brought Roxy to the free clinic because she got foxtails in her ears but I also overheard he was thinking of rehoming her. I thought the rehoming was because of the vet bills for her ... See More

  • Hi, For rescues that use Linkedin, how has it benefited your organization? How do you use the platform? Curious to hear other people's experiences. Thank you! #MarketingandSocialMedia ------------------------------ Heron Ceron Rescue coordinator Welcome Home Sanctuary ---------- ... See More

  • Allison - Thank you for your reply. We are frustrated too. There are wonderful dogs available for foster and it is so hard to get people engaged. I keep trying to identify what we are doing wrong; is it the mentors, the division leadership, the fosters themselves? It sure isn't the dogs! I'm ... See More

  • I am a small rescue in the San Francisco Bay Area but I do communicate and have connections with other rescues and shelters. Adoptions have been slow since last fall and even slower, attitudes have changed, and litter exploding everywhere. Litters are being euthanized, and Owner surrender is at an all-time ... See More

  • Please contact me if you would like to know the company we used. ------------------------------ Laura Sherman Grant Manager Volunteer Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (M.A.M.A.S.) ------------------------------ See More

  • I love a bunny rescue and the bunny yoga must be a real treat! ------------------------------ Laura Sherman Grant Manager Volunteer Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (M.A.M.A.S.) ------------------------------ See More

  • Our local HQHVSN Clinic tests ONLY on cats that are exhibiting multiple symptoms, and will then euthanize if positive. This is stated on the release form that the caregiver signs before the cats are seen for surgery. If someone is worried, they may recommend they take the cat to their veterinarian. ... See More

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