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  • This month our resource drive is focused on all things Trap-Neuter-Return also known as TNR. This topic was suggested by a couple of Maddie's Pet Forum members, Julie Falconer and Erin Dams . 😺 For this resource drive, members are looking for information on (but not limited to): ... See More

  • While community cats needing further medical care used to be almost reserved for fall and winter just a few short years ago, that has completely changed these past two years and we are now seeing them year round. We are on track for a small number of amputations, a few entropion surgeries, but a couple ... See More

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    RE: Trapper Training Made Easy!

    We are having all our trappers for the City of Palmdale attend this course. And using the Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook for future trainings/reference. Great resource for consistency and accountability! ------------------------------ Monica Wylie Executive Director KARMA Rescue Santa Monica CA ... See More

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    Creating small cleaning stations throughout shelte ...

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hi! We are looking into creating cleaning stations in each of our hallways. Something that will hold possible items such as: spray bottle of Rescue, paper towel roll, poop bags, small trash bin, and possibly a pooper scooper. The goal ... See More

  • Very interesting talk yesterday! I taught my dog to ring a bell to go potty--I'm sure lots of people have done this. But, duh (!), it never occurred to me to use more buttons and teach her other things. I see that the effectiveness of button board communication relies on operant conditioning principles, ... See More

  • Hello! I understand your concern for the community cats that require more care than the clinic can provide. It's unfortunate that the two cats had to leave without receiving any treatment. While euthanasia can be a difficult decision, it may be considered if the cats are suffering and their chances ... See More

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    RE: community support for TNR

    Hi Holly, it's Holly :) This is a great question and something we are dealing with here too in Hawaii. We have a robust TNR movement here but there are so many people who don't understand why we do it and how it helps. Recently we had a Senator write a bill to ask for funding for TNR. His plan was ... See More

  • Well we do send our dogs to get trained for several things, so learning a few words to more easily communicate their needs and wants to their humans might not be such a crazy idea , especially if the ultimate outcome is a stronger bond and reduced frustration on both ends. Let's see what the ultimate ... See More

  • A previous question has reminded all of us that we should not be anthropomorphize the animals. Yet we often are dealing with people who go exactly the opposite direction: they treat dogs by definition as irrelevant agents. As not worthy of care, love, attention because of their perceived lack of humane ... See More

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