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  • RE: Recruiting Paid Employees


    We've been in the same boat. We utilize the local chamber for job postings as well as community social media pages. We also have looked into attending job fairs locally. The job market and recruitment right now are tough. Wishing you the best! ------------------------------ Erin Ellis Community Engagement Director Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe --------- Foster Program & Volunteer Management Specialist ------------------------------

  • Hi Kimberly, We are a little too small to accommodate corporate groups, so we don't do it often, however, we have been able to accommodate a few on a case by case in the past. We have asked for a donation and I absolutely think it is ok to do so. Most of the time corporate groups that are volunteering have funds set aside for that. If you have the ability to accommodate groups of that size, I would recommend coming up with a charge/fee structure. You could either structure it by group size or per read more

  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the May Focus on Felines Job Alike discussion. And for going with the flow with the last minute agenda change. We've rescheduled the cat intake decision-making discussion for June. June Topic: What to do with that cat? Making informed decisions about cats on intake. Speaker: Dr. Heather Kennedy, KC Pet Project Resource: Pathway Planning and Stray Cat Decision Tree For stray cats, pathway planning starts at the admissions door. When a resident brings a read more

  • Bonded pairs in dogs


    Hi, I'm looking for resources on how to officially test if a pair of dogs is bonded. I know how we test, but I want something to back it up. Thanks! #Behavior,TrainingandEnrichment ------------------------------ Abby Varela Austin Animal Center ------------------------------

  • @kerryann may thank you so much for your interest! If have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at​​ ------------------------------ Jess Roper Best Friends Animal Society ------------------------------

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