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  • 1.  Employee Communication

    Posted 01-17-2023 07:56 AM
    Hello Animal Welfare Pros! Year after year in our organization, employee surveys and exit interviews show communication to be our most-needed area of improvement, so I'm always looking for ideas to improve communication and general employee engagement. Do any of you have an employee committee made up of non-managers who work together on internal communication between departments and employee engagement (appreciation, team-building activities, etc)? What is the name of that committee and how do they work? How often to they meet? Has this committee helped improve employee relations in your org? I appreciate your feedback!


    Sarah Neikam
    Director of Operations
    SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare

  • 2.  RE: Employee Communication

    Posted 01-17-2023 09:15 AM
    Hi Sarah- I don't have a committee like this, but one thing staff seems to really like is my weekly shoutout emails. I ask everyone to send me a shoutout when another team member does something good, and then on Mondays I email out to our entire staff with any compliments I received in the prior week. It is really nice to have praise shared not just from mgmt but from peers!

    Alexis Pugh
    Director, Memphis Animal Services

    Organizational Management
    & Pet Support Services Specialist

  • 3.  RE: Employee Communication

    Posted 01-18-2023 08:59 AM

    Hey Sarah! As of last Fall,  we put together our first 'Wellness Committee' (fka Employee Engagement Committee) to help tackle those exact issues and then some. While we're still figuring out the exact scope of what the group can accomplish and how we go about the work, our goal is to improve overall employee wellbeing from a holistic perspective.

    We are currently 10 members strong (out of ~75 total employees) and are made up from positions and departments all across our org chart. We aim to meet once a month (1hr), with some members meeting more often depending on the current focus. For example, my co-chair and I may meet separately to plan for upcoming events, set agendas for the group, discuss roll-out strategy for our recent employee survey feedback, etc. 

    I like to think that the committee has already helped to improve employee relations and communication but, as a member, I may be bias:) We certainly still have a lot of opportunity for more wellness events that tackle lack of engagement, and I'm optimistic that this committee will continue to have a positive impact! 

    I could talk about this kinda stuff for hours, so please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. Cheers!

    Jen Dupree
    Behavior, Training, & Organizational Development
    Kitsap Humane Society

    Jen Dupree
    Kitsap Humane Association