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What CRM do you use?

  • 1.  What CRM do you use?

    Posted 03-27-2023 08:55 PM

    Aloha fellow animal lovers,

    My nonprofit organization is very small but we are steadily growing.  I feel that it is time to hire a CRM to help us manage our donors and contact lists so we are ready when it explodes and we get too busy to set it up.  We have interviewed (initial calls) with DonorPerfect, Neon One and Network for Good.  We also have a call set to speak to Bloomerang+Kindful, who just merged.

    One of my volunteers is a fundraiser and marketing professional.  She has worked with several CRMs in the past so she volunteered to help me interview them.  She created a list of about 20 questions and the created an Excel sheet to put in their answers so we can compare them all. It is fascinating to see a professional fundraiser at work! She's so good. I hope to hire her someday.

    At her last job, she worked with Network for Good and highly recommends them.  From what I have seen so far, I do like them but I am also impressed with DonorPerfect, who is a little cheaper and doesn't require a yearly contract.  Before I decide, I feel I should see an actual demonstration.

    Then I will tell the Board (I am the president and founder) what we have learned and what our findings were.  Then the Board can discuss and vote on the one they like the best.

    My questions to you are:

    • Do you use a CRM?
    • If you do, which one do you use?
    • Do you like it? Good value for the price?
    • Do you feel supported and get responses easily?
    • Pros and cons

    We are a very small organization at this time.  No employees and just 6 of us on the Board who are active volunteers.  Once we get land, we can build and open our sanctuary. We have about 170 email names and around 100 donors.  

    I'd love to hear your recommendations and thoughts.

    Aloha and Meow for now,



    Holly Holowach
    Popoki Place O'ahu Cat Sanctuary

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