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Shelter & Rescue Support Call - Monday, 9/27/21 - Operation Blankets of Love, FUNdamentals of Marketing course, Lifesaving Resiliency Grant Winners, and Adopets

Agenda Welcome – Bobby Mann Mary's Motivation – Friday’s call (9/24/21) was a deep discussion on violence and terrorism that animal welfare people face. We heard personal stories from people who were willing to share with us their terrifying...

Webcast: Ensuring Transparency While Keeping Marketing and Adoption Counseling Separate

The changes you can make to maximize the potential for making emotional connections between pets and potential adopters and fosters are simple but powerful. This webcast will make the case for the separation of marketing and adoption counseling through reviewing the science behind how we form...

 10-27-2021 | 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM PT