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Shelter & Rescue Support Call - Monday, 9/20/21 - Navigating Maddie's Pet Forum, HASS group breakout rooms 

09-20-2021 01:50 PM


  • Welcome – Bobby Mann
  • Mary's Motivation – her favorite quote from a Brenee Brown podcast with Jim Collins: "History is the 'study of surprises.' There will be no 'new normal,' there will only be a continuous series of 'not normal' episodes, defying predictions and unforeseen by most of us until they happen."  Uncertainty and disruption can throw us into a tailspin, but what Mary's learned is that it's  the connections and relationships we make – the personal and professional – they are our super powers that help us deal with the surprises we cannot control. We don't have to do anything alone. We can share ideas, what's worked and what hasn't.
  • National Updates:
  • Charlotte Otero, Maddie's Fund Community Strategist - how to navigate Maddie's Pet Forum featuring Community Conversations, Candid Conversations, HASS Toolkits and much, much more!
  • Breakout Rooms:  HASS groups
    • Pet Support Services
    • Return to Home
    • Intake-To-Placement/ Foster Centric
    • Supported Self-Rehoming
    • Field Services and Public Safety

    List of resources referenced during today's call

    Breakout Rooms:

    1. Pet Support Services - 17
    2. Return to Home - 9
    3. Intake-To-Placement/ Foster Centric - 20
    4. Supported Self-Rehoming - 8
    5. Field Services and Public Safety - 10
    1. Pet Support Services: Pet owners can access pet support services, including housing, medical and behavioral support, as well as food and supplies, to help keep the human-animal family together. Hosted By: Jill Henke, Director of Community Programming, Gateway Pet Guardians
    2. Return to Home: The organization operates a comprehensive lost pet reunification service to successfully get most roaming pets home without them having to enter the shelter system. Hosted by: Gina Knepp, National Shelter Engagement Director, Michelson Found Animals 
    3. Intake-To-Placement/ Foster Centric Pets physically entering the shelter have outcome pathways identified before or at the time of intake, so in-shelter length of stay is drastically reduced and the majority of pets who enter the shelter system are placed in foster homes within hours or days of arrival and foster pets are adopted directly from their foster homes. Kelly Duer, Foster Care Specialist, Maddie's Fund 
    4. Supported Self-Rehoming: Pet owners who can no longer keep their pets are given the tools to safely and quickly rehome their own pets with ongoing support from shelter staff or volunteers. Lucy Fernandez, PASS Program Coordinator, Austin Pets Alive!
    5. Field Services and Public Safety: Animal control and field services protect public health and safety, enforce animal cruelty and neglect laws, and aim to address the root causes of animal problems. They provide support, information, access to care and resources to the community.Jerrica Owen, CAWA, Director Partnerships and Programs, National Animal Care & Control Association



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