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  • There are two ways to upload a resource on Maddie's Pet Forum 1 - by attaching it to a discussion thread OR 2 - by uploading a resource directly to the resource library. A resource in this instance is defined as a file (Word doc, PDF, image, etc.), hyperlink or YouTube video. Attach A Resource ... See More

  • What is a discussion signature? A discussion signature is used in Maddie's Pet Forum similar to how your email signature is used in your email inbox. Your discussion signature will appear at the bottom of each new discussion thread you create and each reply you leave on discussions. You can ... See More

  • Let's take a closer look at the Personalized Digest email notification option for the Animal Welfare Professionals community. As mentioned in our other tutorial post , you will receive the Personalized Digest Email by default when you join Maddie's Pet Forum. To update your notification settings, ... See More

  • When you create a Maddie's Pet Forum account, you will automatically be joined to the main Animal Welfare Professionals community an hour after your account is created. You will still be able to view all discussions and resources during that time. If you don't want to wait the hour to ... See More

  • Once you've created an account and have been added to the Animal Welfare Professionals community, you can start creating your first discussion thread! Please note that you will be automatically added to the community an hour after you create an account. To get started sooner, navigate to the Animal ... See More

  • Did you know that you can create discussions and reply to discussions as an anonymous member? Anonymous posting should be used sparingly but is available for you to use if you are sharing sensitive information related to you or your organization. All discussions or replies that are posted anonymously ... See More

  • Thank you for being an active member on Maddie's Pet Forum! Please keep the following in mind when contributing to the forum and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact me or leave them on in a reply on this thread. ------------------------------ Charlotte ... See More

  • Hi Ashley, Great question! If you just recently joined the forum, it may take up to an hour for you to automatically be added as a member of the Animal Welfare Professionals & Volunteers community which is where a majority of the resource files live. To expedite the process, you can go to the Animal ... See More

  • Hi! When I go to the resource center there aren't any documents or filters. It only gives me a search option. I am not sure exactly what I am looking for, is it possible to just browse the resource documents? Thanks! ------------------------------ Ashley Wagner ------------------------------ See More

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